Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OM Bookstore Expresses Interest

Operation Mobilization's bookstore has expressed interest in ordering copies of Cry For Tomorrow.  Operation Mobilization (OM) is a global missions organization spreading the good news of Jesus to virtually every part of the world.  Being able to place Cry For Tomorrow in their store is potentially a first step in seeing the book distributed to a wider audience.  I say this because OM sets up book tables in churches they visit and getting a book in front of someone is usually more effective than sending someone to a website.

Sue Tryon, OM's bookstore manager, had this to say about Cry For Tomorrow: "To me, It is an interesting variation of the Left Behind genre. Pretty scary, too." Thanks, Sue!

Right now, OM's bookstore is undergoing extensive renovations, so no books are being ordered. I've been asked to follow up in a couple of months to see if a small order will be possible. I hate waiting, but I'm very glad they found the book acceptable. April can't get here soon enough!

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