Monday, January 9, 2012

Cry For Tomorrow Now On Kobo and Other News

Well, it took a bit longer, but Cry For Tomorrow is now up on the Kobo site.  So, for those of you without a Kindle or Nook reader, you can get a rather standardized ePub edition of the book from Kobo.

I am still trying to confirm that Cry For Tomorrow is up on the Apple iBooks store, but I've yet to hear back from my friends who use iPads or Macs.  I could check this myself by installing iTunes, but I'm averse to installing the app on my computer (did that before and results were not pleasing).  Hopefully, I'll hear back soon that the book is indeed on the Apple site.  Stay tuned.

This Wednesday, I meet with the good folks at Operation Mobilization (OM) down in Tyrone, Georgia.  OM is a missions organization that sends relief ships and missionaries all over the world to further the message of the Gospel.  This is an exciting opportunity to meet with some dynamic people and potentially have Cry For Tomorrow placed on their book tables and in their store.

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