Friday, December 16, 2011

Books-A-Million Now Has Cry For Tomorrow

Another major bookseller website now has Cry For Tomorrow.  Books-A-Million, a large book retailer out of Alabama now has the book.  Just go here.

It is exciting to see all of these websites carrying the book-but that doesn't necessarily mean sales.  Being fully aware of that fact, I'm going to be working in coming weeks and months to get the word out locally, regionally, and eventually nationally.  Please pray for God's guidance in this important phase for the book.

You can help, too!  If you've read the book and like it, please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon, or one of the other bookseller sites.  Thanks to all of you in advance.

Just one more thought here.  It is interesting to see how different sellers have priced the book.  The list price is $16.99.  As mentioned earlier, Barnes&Noble has the book priced for $12.23, while Amazon has it for the list price and others have it priced somewhat higher.  My share of royalties is based on the list price, however, so I receive the same amount if a copy is sold on Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million.  Amazon is different, since it is affiliated with Createspace.  Copies sold on Amazon net a higher royalty to me.  The bottom line for readers is to go to Barnes & Noble and save a few bucks and get a great read!

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