Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cry For Tomorrow Description

Since being released on Saturday, Cry For Tomorrow's Amazon page has not included the book's description.  The description can be viewed on Cry For Tomorrow's CreateSpace page, but I'm posting it up here since my blog posts are getting onto Amazon:

In 21st-century America's future, the American dream borders on extinction. Propped up by massive debt, the economy produces no real goods. The rest of the world starves while America stockpiles food. Large cities thrive, but infrastructure crumbles in less populated areas. The government teeters on the brink of insolvency as it mortgages America's posterity.

Like many citizens, cynical ad executive Mark Reardon is too busy to notice the country's decline. Working 100-hour weeks directing ad campaigns for multi-national corporations, Mark has neither the time nor the inclination to take on small clients. Hence, when a religious fringe group, The Society for Truth, comes seeking representation, Mark only meets with them reluctantly. However, he is stunned when offered a $3 billion contract to warn the world of impending disaster. Quickly forgetting his reservations, Mark accepts the deal, but soon finds things are not as they seem.

Before he realizes his peril, Mark's family is missing, his Society contact is dead, and he is in the hands of an ever-watching and all-encompassing enemy known only as The Company. Fighting to escape and locate his wife and daughter, Mark is pursued by clones, betrayed by friends, and tormented by prophetic visions. Not knowing who to trust, Mark bounces between The Company and The Society, eventually facing his past and embracing his destiny as God's final prophet preceding the coming judgment.

"Cry for Tomorrow" is an apocalyptic thriller highlighting the economic and technological factors contributing to societal collapse. While portraying mankind's inability to save himself and his world, the novel explores the dichotomy of spirituality and materialism and the conflict these values create for Mark Reardon and his family.

In this time of uncertainty, "Cry for Tomorrow" points readers toward an eternal and unchanging hope.

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